Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mtb trips : Mtb Adventures in February

Mtb trips : Mtb Adventures in February

We are out for a mountain bike trip in Zarand Mountains, Romania, close to Arad city. We are in February and we have an incredible weather, 10 Celsius degrees !
We start our trip with the train until Paulis. There, we make the last preparations and we are on our way to the mountains. Zarand Mountains are perfect for mountain biking. Snow is waiting for us on the ridge, for sure our adventure is guaranteed ! It's very slippery on snow with leaves and mud under. Adrenaline lover's will enjoy this condition. Enjoy the clip.


Mtb trips : Mountain bike adventures in the Carpathians

Mtb trips : Mountain bike adventures in the Carpathians

Romania is offering the perfect natural environment for mtb lovers. We invite you to visit, and pedal in our country. You will be amazed equally from the scenary and the people you will meet in the mountains !

Cycling in Romania is an unforgettable experience. Watch this clip made from scenes recorded in 2013.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cycling Trips in Romania

Hey, i know what you're here for !

This video brought you here. We made this video back in 2012, willing to promote our beautiful country, Romania. Enjoy it ! New video to come !

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Thank you for the interest in visiting our country.